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20 X 40 Outdoor Canopy Tent ~ $445
40' Hexagon with 2 - 20' x 20 ~$1095
20' x 20' Outdoor Canopy Tent ~ $235
40' Hexagon Canopy ~ $695
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Outdoor tents can be a fun and elegant way to make your outdoor space unique. You can create additional space outside of your home or venue for larger crowds or special activities.

Tent Sample

Tents can be configured in a variety of ways. Here, two hexagon tents are shown in an outdoor setting to allow for ample seating.

Tent Sample

Tents, can be added to existing structures to complete a look or extend shade and seating. Tents are an inexpensive way to turn your property into the ideal event venue!

Tent Sample

We can show you how adding your own decor, such as drapery and siding, can be added to bring class and style to any event.

Tent Sample

Lighting can be added to any tent for added fun and atmosphere. Ask your Hunt/Lakeside County Party Rental for lighting information and a quote once you have chosen your tent style and set up.

Tent Sample

There is just no end to what you can do with a tent. Side by side or group them together, its your event and we can help make your needs a reality!

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Tents provide not only space for seating but plenty of open space above the crowd. 

In a 20 X 20, for example, you can easily add 4 rounds tables with 8 chairs at each- that's seating for 32 people! 

Let us show you how to set up your tent space to maximize your seating!


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40' Hexagon Canopy ~ $695